Morro Bay’s Newest Captain – Annie of the Chablis

Celebrating Captain Annie Clapp, Co-Owner Chablis Cruises Morro Bay

(Pictured is Annie training Arthur Able, who will become the omelette chef once Annie takes the helm as captain. Custom made omelets. Yum!)

A couples weeks ago, my husband Bob and I had the pleasure of cruising Morro Bay on the Chablis. Co-owner Annie Clapp will soon be Captain Annie as well. Just a little paperwork and she’ll be “steering the ship.” It was a chamber of commerce perfect day, Captain Gary Ryan steered us perfectly, the food was Chef Rodney Clapp perfect and the Chablis was roomy, clean, nicely appointed and the crew first cabin! Thanks, Annie, and much luck.  Our company was delightful as well and they’ve been waiting for this post to record in their scrapbooks…a family reunion and a new family beginning. A lovely day celebrating Mother’s Day just a bit sooner.

Some thought they saw a ghost –boat on the bay when the Chablis sailed into Morro Bay Harbor April 5, 2007. Co-owner, Annie Clapp, recalled several locals’ reaction after a serendipitous encounter launched her business and brought the dinner cruise boat to Morro Bay.

“My former partner, Zoey Andres, was in San Francisco. By chance she met the executive chef of the Belle of Humboldt Bay. She discovered former Tiger’s Folly I Captain Yost had built the replica in Humboldt. It cruised there for years then somehow made it to San Francisco. We bought the Belle and renamed it the Chablis. We had our first dinner cruise on April 12, 2007.”

Clapp and her sister Shasta, who serves in the U.S. Navy, co-own it today. Zoe took a full time job, but the Andres family still works with Clapp regularly. “Zoe’s son, Avery (Andres) is my star helper”

The Chablis charters private parties, celebrations of all kinds and Saturday brunch. “Awhile back I was missing Sundays being with my family. I realized many of our customers are tourists and leave Morro Bay Sundays, so we tried out Saturday brunch. It works well for everyone. I now have a day for God and family.”

It will soon be Captain Clapp. She has passed all her testing. “Booking captains has been the biggest challenge. I have several on call, but if they are busy, like banjoist Gary Ryan or can make more money fishing, they can’t work for me. I’ve had to cancel bookings.”

Note: Gary Ryan is the owner of Goofy Graphics in Morro Bay and the captain and an award winning banjoist who has played all over the world and is a fan favorite at many Jazz Festival.

Recently the Chablis hosted Jerry Criscione’s family from Lompoc. They were celebrating wife Pat’s and son Terry’s birthdays. A sister had flown out from Long Island to be part of the family reunion.

Note: Pat’s sister is Norma DeTolla and told about her harrowing trip across the country by an unnamed airlines. For 10-15 to eternity, she thought the plane would go down due to the air pockets they hit. Glasses were flying, Ipads left to other seats, women were screaming, but they made it safely to California. Terry and family were from Granite Bay, Daughter Sheryl and hubby Gary Belluz were also there.

Jerry Criscione said, “Thirty years ago we cruised on Tiger’s Folly. I thought it would be a nice to stay closer to home.”

A Merced couple, Jeff Lawry and Amy Horta had become engaged the night before.

“I like brunches and rehearsal dinners best,” said Clapp while training Arthur Able to customize Omelets.

Morro Bay Coffee on Morro Bay Blvd. is their other business and commercial kitchen. Clapp’s husband Rodney prepares all the food and pastries for both businesses. Trained at Western Culinary Institute in Portland where the couple met, they’ve been married for 19 years. “He’s not crazy about the boat but loves to cook and is home Justin 22, Meagan 15, Noah 13 and Samuel 10.

Clapp’s sunny personality works to make everyone enjoy their bay cruise, “My goal is for every Morro Bay visitors to see its beauty from an awesome viewpoint…the Chablis’ deck looking back at Morro Bay’s Embarcadero.”

Contact 772-2128 or

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