Moving Forward in 2017


Readers regularly ask where I get my stories? Generally, I prefer to write your personal stories.

We’ve all had a journey and typically I’ll find we are more alike than not. Yet the mystery is why we often fail to communicate cooperative solutions to achieve similar desired outcomes.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the baseball movie For the Love of the Game, when Jane and Billy are baffled by their diverse interpretation of his liaison with his masseuse. Jane says, “It’s never quite how you play it in your head.”

For several year’s my weekly inspiration to “be a better person” has come from Father Ed Holterhoff of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Morro Bay. His ecumenical message reminds us to be kind, forgiving, tolerant and generous to those we encounter, especially those with so much less than we might have.

Certainly words to live by, but he nailed it for me in his first 2017 bulletin article titled “Expressions.” (see: He wrote, “The future doesn’t just happen; it must be invited. Each year is like a sampler of different candies. We have to try them in order to discover what they are. Change is usually invigorating, even if it is sometimes forced on us.”

I was thus inspired to ask a few former interviewees their thoughts moving forward in 2017.

Reflecting on 2016’s contentious election cycle nationally, regionally, and locally while looking forward to a proactive agenda in 2017, Morro Bay Mayor Jaime Irons said, “I hope our residents will continue to be passionate about what they believe is best for Morro Bay. I also hope we will express our concerns and recommendations with compassion and respect for each other’s ideals, always thinking first of the ultimate benefit for our city.”

Taylor Newton of the Guerrilla Gardening Club, a youth advocacy program that recently expanded to Southern California and Italy, wrote, “Change depends on you. I wish we would learn from history. I see the solution is for people to want to work harder to change themselves before they try to change the world. Change is you being better — that is your job.”

Sherry Peckhoon Sim of Sim Real Estate in Cayucos wrote, “An Old Chinese saying is, ‘When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.’ Despite rising mortgage interest rates, 2017 bodes well for the housing market. As more tech tools are employed, it is more important than ever for real estate practitioners to stay educated and observe strong ethical and professional standards.”

After 25-plus years anticipating action, Morro Bay Maritime Museum president, Larry Newland, is excited about 2017. “What a wonderful year 2016 was for the maritime museum project. In fact, hosting the San Salvador in partnership with the City of Morro Bay and the San Diego Maritime Museum was so successful that enough funds were raised to break ground on the museum building in 2017!

“This would not have been possible without the continued support and enthusiasm of the community and [Morro Bay] City leadership.” Newland also invited all to find out more about the group’s progress from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14 when the three vessels located at 1210 Embarcadero will be open for public tours. Rain cancels.
Rick Grantham, former Morro Bay City Councilmember and over-the-top L.A. Rams fan since 1959 when his grandfather took him to his first game at the Coliseum, wrote, “As a fan for life, I am wishing for a new coach who will bring energy, excitement and a great offense to the LA Rams!”

Teri Bayus, Simply Clear Marketing & Media’s restaurant and movie columnist, and director of the Central Coast Writers Conference, said, “Did you know that 98% of people say their only regret was not writing their story? Most writers don’t finish [or start] because of lack of confidence. For the 2017 Central Coast Writer’s Conference (see:, we are going to focus on writer’s self-confidence and getting the writer’s journey accessible to every pen jockey. What is the story you want to tell?”

Having alluded to my love for sports movies, I was hoping for an Oakland Raiders Super Bowl “hail Mary” led by a healthy Derek Carr from my former hometown of Bakersfield, but will probably have to wait for 2018. My future is obviously anticipating the California Chrome/Art Sherman story to be written and screened before another inspired NFL feel-good movie. Who will write that script?


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