California Bookstore Day May 3, 2014

Volumes of Pleasure Book Shoppe in Los Osos between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay will participate in the first California Bookstore Day, a collaboration of the Northern and Southern California Independent Booksellers Association. The organization promotes its first annual event as “a statewide party on Saturday, May 3, 2014 as big and varied as the state itself.  It’s more than 90 stores in more than 80 zip codes putting their bells on and throwing out the welcome mat… (offering) books you cannot get on any other day at any other place.” An available list of books written and offered is at

“It’s a dual celebration for us,” said owner Carroll Leslie. “We are celebrating 35 years in business. I love books and love getting to know my customers and connecting them with a book I think they might like. My philosophy has always been to offer books with independent thought by lesser known writers and offer local authors a place to sell their books.”

Leslie and Barbara Strauss moved to Los Osos from Laguna Beach where they owned a book store. “I worked for the county and Barbara discovered Volumes and expressed an interest in buying it. The owners were eager to sell. We immediately increased the inventory. Barbara (deceased in 2012) and I loved escape literature and we added philosophy and spiritual books. As the trends changed we did.”

To compete with the corporate book stores and Amazon, they added sideline products to stay in business. “At one time there were fourteen independent book stores in the county,” said Leslie. “Now there is Coalesce in Morro Bay and us.”

Editor’s Note: There are several wonderful book stores still in San Luis Obispo County that offer recycled books, including Nan’s of Pismo (south of San Luis Obispo), which will also order new books for clients. Nan’s is also very supportive of local authors.

According to Volumes of Pleasure’s Christine Ahern, the celebration will begin at 11:30am Saturday with a Children’s Book Corner followed by readings by local authors throughout the afternoon until 5:30pm. Participating include Anne R. Allen, Charlie Perryess, Sue McGinty, and poets Beverly Boyd, Carol McPhee and Bonnie Young. Three Sheets to the Wind will perform at 1pm and Hoapili Pomaika’i Aloha is at 3pm.

 Allen, author of seven comic novels, including her latest mystery set in Morro Bay, No Place Like Home, said, “Independent stores like Volumes of Pleasure can carry books by authors who publish with smaller presses, the way I do. Big box bookstores usually only carry titles published by the big five publishing corporations, who can pay for shelf space. It’s a fantastic resource for readers and writers alike.”

 McGinty, author of three mysteries set in Cayucos, Morro Bay and Los Osos, said, “Readers often want books with local settings. I write about the Central Coast. Bella, my protagonist in Murder in Los Lobos, lives in “Los Lobos.” It’s invaluable to have my books in Volumes of Pleasure.”

Another Editor’s Note: When you make that choice to buy a book, think about all the help an independent book store owner has given you over the years. Do you want the chance to walk in a storefront and browse the shelves and look at the book jacket and feel the “volumes of pleasure” waiting to be opened and read. Does Amazon smile at you when you place that order? I encourage you that convenience is not always the best decision. Support your Independent Book Store so we will have them in our future. Thanks. Judy

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